what is edge computing

When it comes to IT infrastructure, cloud networking presents many opportunities for companies to facilitate their operations. While this option works very well, it comes with some limitations. Edge Computing is the solution, allowing organizations to move past the barriers presented by cloud computing. 

What Is Edge Computing?
Internet of Things devices are growing exponentially now ever than before, and the amount of data being produced is increasing right with it. Edge computing processes all this information at the edge, where it is being gathered and consumed by things or people. In simple terms, edge computing seeks to bring the computation and data storage closer to where they are being gathered, i.e., the devices, instead of depending on a central location that may be too far away. This way, users can access them faster, thereby enhancing their experience.
what is edge computing

What Are The Benefits Of Edge Computing?
Resolved Latency Issues
Cloud computing can be too slow, since workload can be overwhelming, and the systems may not be able to process data fast enough. Edge computing, on the other hand, is more efficient since it processes data closer to where it gathered and consumed, making it easier and faster to access.

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